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Connectors, Interconnects
Terminal Blocks - Headers, Plugs and Sockets

Terminal Blocks - Headers, Plugs and Sockets

11485900001148590000WeidmullerDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 5.08MM
18383500001838350000WeidmullerDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 16POS VERT 5.08MM
10293600001029360000WeidmullerDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 3.81MM
18832500001883250000WeidmullerDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 30POS VERT 5MM
Anytek (Amphenol Anytek)Anytek (Amphenol Anytek)
TJ0551830000GTJ0551830000GAnytek (Amphenol Anytek)Description:TERM BLOCK PLUG 5POS STR 5.08MM
KV1450500000GKV1450500000GAnytek (Amphenol Anytek)Description:TERM BLOCK HOUSING 14POS 5.08MM
KR1501010000GKR1501010000GAnytek (Amphenol Anytek)Description:TERM BLOCK PLUG 15POS 90DEG 5MM
NF1950520000GNF1950520000GAnytek (Amphenol Anytek)Description:TERM BLOCK PLUG 19/38POS 5.08MM
Phoenix ContactPhoenix Contact
19756391975639Phoenix ContactDescription:TERM BLOCK PLUG 7POS STR 7.62MM
17664241766424Phoenix ContactDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 90DEG 7.5MM
19098091909809Phoenix ContactDescription:TERM BLOCK PLUG 11POS STR 5MM
54520775452077Phoenix ContactDescription:TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 5.08MM