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Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Logic - Gates and Inverters

Logic - Gates and Inverters

AMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorAMI Semiconductor / ON Semiconductor
MC74HC05ADTGMC74HC05ADTGAMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:IC INVERTER 6CH 6-INP 14TSSOP
NLVHC1G02DFT2GNLVHC1G02DFT2GAMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:IC GATE NOR 1CH 2-INP SC88A
MC14023BDMC14023BDAMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:IC GATE NAND 3CH 3-INP 14SOIC
MM74HCT00MMM74HCT00MAMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:IC GATE NAND 4CH 2-INP 14SOIC
74AHC86PW-Q100J74AHC86PW-Q100JNexperiaDescription:IC GATE XOR 4CH 2-INP 14TSSOP
74AHCT08PW,11874AHCT08PW,118NexperiaDescription:IC GATE AND 4CH 2-INP 14TSSOP
74LVC04ABQ,11574LVC04ABQ,115NexperiaDescription:IC INVERTER 6CH 6-INP 14DHVQFN
74HC14D,65374HC14D,653NexperiaDescription:IC INVERTER SCHMITT 6CH 14SO
Diodes IncorporatedDiodes Incorporated
74LVCE1G06W5-774LVCE1G06W5-7Diodes IncorporatedDescription:IC INVERTER GATE 1INPUT SOT25
74LVC2G08HK3-774LVC2G08HK3-7Diodes IncorporatedDescription:IC GATE AND 2CH 2-INP DFN1410-8