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Discrete Assortment Kits

Discrete Assortment Kits

International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)
SP000410852SP000410852International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)Description:KIT SAMPLE DGTL DL TRANS 100MA
SP000410810SP000410810International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)Description:KIT SAMPLE FOR MIX/DETECT PWRLVL
SP000410804SP000410804International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)Description:KIT SAMPLE FOR GEN PURP RF TRANS
SP000410802SP000410802International Rectifier (Infineon Technologies)Description:KIT SAMPLE FOR HIGH END SI/SIGE
AMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorAMI Semiconductor / ON Semiconductor
Q2027131Q2027131AMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:KIT SMALL SIGNAL DIODE DESIGN
Q2024739Q2024739AMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:KIT ZENER REGULATOR DIODE DESIGN
Q2027517Q2027517AMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:KIT RECTIFIER TO-220 DESIGN
DIODESKITFSDIODESKITFSAMI Semiconductor / ON SemiconductorDescription:KIT DIODE 10EA OF 10 VALUES
Micro Commercial Components (MCC)Micro Commercial Components (MCC)
353-8000-KIT353-8000-KITMicro Commercial Components (MCC)Description:KIT 10EA 18 POPULAR SHTKY DIODES
353-8003-KIT353-8003-KITMicro Commercial Components (MCC)Description:KIT 10EA OF 17 SMD VALUES ZENER
Q2949721Q2949721Micro Commercial Components (MCC)Description:KIT 10EA 15 POPULAR ZENER DIODES
353-8004-KIT353-8004-KITMicro Commercial Components (MCC)Description:KIT ZENER 10EA OF 18 VALUES