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Prototyping, Fabrication Products
Adapter, Breakout Boards

Adapter, Breakout Boards

Chip Quik, Inc.Chip Quik, Inc.
IPC0169IPC0169Chip Quik, Inc.Description:SOIC-44 TO DIP-44 SMT ADAPTER (1
DC2924J-10XDC2924J-10XChip Quik, Inc.Description:DISCRETE 2924 TO TH ADAPTER - JU
PA0181PA0181Chip Quik, Inc.Description:SUPERSOT-8 TO DIP-8 SMT ADAPTER
F200T254P08F200T254P08Chip Quik, Inc.Description:PITCH CHANGER 2.00 MM TO 2.54 MM
Aries Electronics, Inc.Aries Electronics, Inc.
08-350000-10-P08-350000-10-PAries Electronics, Inc.Description:SOCKET ADAPTER SOIC TO 8DIP 0.3
LCQT-TSOP40LCQT-TSOP40Aries Electronics, Inc.Description:SOCKET ADAPTER TSOP TO 40DIP
14-350000-11-RC14-350000-11-RCAries Electronics, Inc.Description:SOCKET ADAPTER SOIC TO 14DIP 0.3
16-350000-10-P16-350000-10-PAries Electronics, Inc.Description:SOCKET ADAPTER SOIC TO 16DIP 0.3
Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.
69086908Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.Description:PROTO-BRD 8PIN DISCRETE SMT SIP
US-4010US-4010Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.Description:PROTO BOARD 10PIN THRU-HOLE SIP
3310533105Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.Description:PROTO BOARD ADAPTER SMT SOT-89-5
US-2006US-2006Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.Description:PROTO BOARD 6PIN THRU-HOLE SIP