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Sensors, Transducers
Humidity, Moisture Sensors

Humidity, Moisture Sensors

Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)
SI7021-A20-YM0SI7021-A20-YM0Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)Description:SENSOR RHT DGTL AUTO 6DFN
SI7022-A20-YM1SI7022-A20-YM1Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)Description:SENSOR RHT DGTL PWM AUTO 6DFN
SI7020-A20-GM1RSI7020-A20-GM1REnergy Micro (Silicon Labs)Description:SENS HUMI/TEMP 3.6V I2C 4% 6DFN
SI7007-A20-IM1RSI7007-A20-IM1REnergy Micro (Silicon Labs)Description:SENS HUMID/TEMP 3.6V PWM 3% 6DFN
Honeywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsHoneywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions
HIH6031-021-001SHIH6031-021-001SHoneywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsDescription:SENS HUM/TMP 3.3V I2C SMD 1=5
HIH8131-000-001SHIH8131-000-001SHoneywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsDescription:SENS HUM/TMP 3.3V SPI 2% SMD 1=5
HIH-4020-004HIH-4020-004Honeywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsDescription:SENS HUMIDITY 5V ANLG 3.5% 3SIP
HIH-4021-002HIH-4021-002Honeywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsDescription:SENSOR HUMIDITY 5V ANLG 3.5% SIP
Advanced Sensors / AmphenolAdvanced Sensors / Amphenol
HS12SPHS12SPAdvanced Sensors / AmphenolDescription:SENSOR HUMIDITY 1V RESIST 5% MOD
CC2A23CC2A23Advanced Sensors / AmphenolDescription:SENSOR HUMI/TEMP 3.3V PDM 2% SMD
T9602-5-A-1T9602-5-A-1Advanced Sensors / AmphenolDescription:SENSOR HUMID/TEMP 5V PDM 2% MOD
CC2D33-SIPCC2D33-SIPAdvanced Sensors / AmphenolDescription:SENSOR HUMI/TEMP 3.3V I2C 3% SIP