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Laird Technologies - Thermal Products
Laird Technologies - Thermal Products

Laird Technologies - Thermal Products

Laird Technologies - Thermal Products, Laird Technologies - Engineered Thermal Solutions, Laird Technologies - Thermal Materials
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As an industry-leading thermoelectric leader, Laird Technologies designs and manufactures some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive materials including a broad range of thermoelectric modules and thermal assemblies for telecom applications, instrumentation, and other applications. We have the right thermoelectric solution for your application: heatsinks, spring clips and hardware, thermally conductive grease, PCB materials, thermoelectric modules and assemblies, thermal interface gap fillers, phase change materials, as well as electrically insulating and conductive materials with advanced thermal properties.
With numerous global design centers, the thermal engineering team develops the highest-performance materials and solutions in the industry. We are your single source for complete thermal systems: thermoelectric modules, heatsink, thermal interface materials, housings, fans, and other components. Our value-added service solutions will dramatically improve the supply chain management of your next project.
For energy applications such as LED lighting, automotive hybrids, and ever more miniaturized portables, Laird Technologies' thermally conductive PCB materials offer unique, innovative ways to dissipate heat without added complexity.

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