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Nuvoton Technology Corporation America
Nuvoton Technology Corporation America

Nuvoton Technology Corporation America

Nuvoton Technology Corporation America, Nuvoton Technology, Nuvoton Technology Corporation of America
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- Nuvoton Technology Corp. was founded upon the expectation of the future to create a new era by innovative inspiration.
Nuvoton Technology Corp. was carved-out as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp. in July 2008. Nuvoton has extended Winbond's product lines of Computer Logic IC business; core technology, partnerships; customers and sales etc., prior to the curve-out, as well as continues to enhance product innovation and to comprehend the needs of terminal application market, and provide superior service to our customers based on the existing foundation.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers
PMIC - Thermal Management
PMIC - Power Management - Specialized
PMIC - Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers
Logic - Translators, Level Shifters
Linear - Amplifiers - Audio
Interface - Voice Record and Playback
Interface - Telecom
Interface - Specialized
Interface - I/O Expanders
Interface - Controllers
Interface - CODECs
Interface - Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers
Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific
Embedded - Microcontrollers
Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters (DAC)
Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers
Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)
Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose
Clock/Timing - Application Specific
Audio Special Purpose
Sensors, Transducers
Temperature Sensors - Analog and Digital Output
Development Boards, Kits, Programmers
Programmers, Emulators, and Debuggers
Evaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSP
Evaluation Boards - Audio Amplifiers
Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits