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Tensility International Corporation
Tensility International Corporation

Tensility International Corporation

Tensility International Corporation, Tensility International Corp
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- Tensility is a custom cable assemblies company that supports engineers, OEMs, and distribution throughout the world. Tensility's business practices and philosophies are inspired from the properties of the cable itself: strength, purity, and flexibility.
Tensility’s core strengths are in two major product lines: dc power cables and audio cables.’s line of Tensility cables covers most standard applications. However, Tensility specializes in creating a cable specifically designed for a customer’s application. If a cord is too short or long, or the connector needs to be modified, Tensility will facilitate the process of specifying the exact cable for any application.
Tensility also supplies a wide variety of more unusual cables, from customized overmolded wire harnesses to highly complex assemblies. Since each product is built to order, including the cables built for to complement their connector products, understanding and executing a customer’s needs is Tensility’s top priority.

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