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ebm-papst Inc.
ebm-papst Inc.

ebm-papst Inc.

ebm-papst Inc.
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- ebm-papst is an innovator and market leader in fans, blowers, and motors with core competencies in motor technology, aerodynamics, and electronics. They offer the broadest range of products available, and provide solutions to a variety of markets including Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Appliance, Commercial Refrigeration, Heating, Industrial, Lighting, IT / Telecom, Medical, Transportation and more. With over 15,000 different products, ebm-papst manufactures application–specific engineered solutions for air movement technology. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes the latest designs to optimize efficiency and decrease noise. Contract manufacturing services include cables and connectors, fan trays, and blower assemblies to meet customers’ unique specifications. Their North American headquarters in Farmington, CT features on-site testing and analysis as well as sheet metal fabrication and a powder paint system.
ebm-papst’s GreenTech® philosophy reflects a simple but clear goal that goes back to their company principle: "Each new product that we develop has to be better than its predecessor in terms of economy and ecology." Its investments in R&D lead to innovative technologies that set new industry standards. Combining high-tech electronic intelligence with advanced motor and aerodynamic technology, ebm-papst fans provide multiple solutions for diverse air moving challenges.

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