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HV DC by land, air and sea

HV DC by land, air and sea


The 3kW high voltage (HV) DC power supplies offers 90 to 264Vac input and a choice of regulated, single outputs (150, 200, 250, 300, and 400Vdc). An auxiliary output is selectable from +5V/0.5A or +9V/0.3A.

The AC-DC converters are supplied in fully enclosed cases, with integrated fans for cooling operation and measure just 28mm x 170mm x 64mm, for use in space constrained applications.

Models in the series have built-in redundancy and an ambient operating temperature range of 20 to +60°C. There are also I2C and RS485 communication interfaces, analogue control and programmable output/current (from 0 to 105%). Output voltage and current limit can be controlled via a case-mounted potentiometer, 0 – 5V control voltage or via I2C programming. The I2C commands can be used to both interrogate and program the power supply in real-time.  The AC-DC converters also feature integral active PFC and a built-in Oring diode.

The capability to read values, such as output voltage, current and internal temperature in real-time, as well as monitor alarms for fan failure, over-voltage and high temperatures, make the power supplies suitable for live feedback systems in medical, hi-rel and other applications where reliability is critical but space is limited, advises the company. In addition to undersea power lines, tethered drones and medical imaging, the supplies are also suitable for charging vehicle batteries, factory automation and off-site test and measurement.

The reliable power supplies are certified to EN/UL62368-1, for A/V information, communication and technology equipment safety, and EN55032, for EMC.

All models in the AEK 3000 HV Series are covered by a three-year warranty.

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HV DC by land, air and sea
The 3kW high voltage (HV) DC power supplies offers 90 to 264Vac input and a choice of regulated, si...
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