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UK made: 60A 8.5mm pitch connector

UK made: 60A 8.5mm pitch connector


“This means that applications such as battery charging can be addressed without having to split the current across multiple contacts. Among the key applications targeted are electric vehicle battery monitoring/management, power control systems, robotics drives, servo controls, UAVs and satellites,” said the company.

Contacts are arranged in a single row, with 2, 3 or 4 contact.

The mating pair consists of a male vertical through-board connector with board mount fixings, plus a female cable connector which will accommodate 8AWG gauge cables.

Harwin-Kona_male_contactContacts are six-finger beryllium copper

A mate-before-lock mechanism reduces the chance of damage occurring during the locking process ensuring the mating elements are fully aligned first.

Shrouding on each contact and a polarised construction stops mis-mating – the connectors have a 250 mating cycle lifespan.

Stainless steel thumbscrews are fitted to the female connector element and no tools are required. “The inclusion of a contact indicator makes certain that the connector elements are correctly oriented,” said Harwin.

Working is up to 3kV, across -65°C to +150°C, and with vibration of 20G for a 12 hours.

“Following the market traction witnessed by our high-power Datamate Mix-Tek connectors, further opportunities have started to appear. Customers have approached us in need of even more current per contact“ said Harwin product manager Ryan Smart. “The parameters that the Kona series deliver will open up new potential markets for us, and Kona is our highest performing connector to date.”

Harwin makes its connectors in the UK in Hampshire.

The product page is here

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UK made: 60A 8.5mm pitch connector
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