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L6364Q Dual-Channel Transceiver IC

L6364Q Dual-Channel Transceiver IC


L6364Q Dual-Channel Transceiver IC

STMicroelectronics' transceiver IC provides a bridge between a microcontroller and a power supply

The L6364 is STMicroelectronics' offering for IO-Link technology providing a bridge between a microcontroller with a sensor or actuator function and a 24 V supply and signaling cable, specified to support IO-Link at COM2 and COM3 modes. The L6364 has two input-output lines both protected against surge pulse and reverse polarity. One is the CQ line managing the IO-Link standard communication protocol and the other is the DIO line available for standard IO communication. The two lines are configurable to operate in parallel for additional drive strength requirements (configurable up to 0.5 A). The IC offers two LDOs (3v3 and 5v0) with 50 mA capability. The same LDOs can be directly supplied by the VPLUS rail or by the embedded DC/DC converter for applications with critical power dissipation requirements. Moreover, the IC offers a high level of flexibility (such as configurable thermal shut-down and UVLO thresholds) and extended diagnostics (such as wake-up recognition and 7-bit calibrated temperature sensor register) reported by interrupt line to the microcontroller.

The sensor data transfer between microcontroller and L6364 can be selected using transparent mode (UART), single byte or multibyte (SPI) modes. In normal operation, the L6364 is configured by the microcontroller via the SPI at start-up. The L6364 then starts operating as a single input output device driving the output lines as configured by the microcontroller. If the device is connected to an IO-Link master, then the master can initiate IO-Link communication by a wake-up request.

  • Dual communication channels IO transceiver (one supporting IO-Link)
  • Configurable dual output stages: high side, low side, push/pull (<10 Ω)
  • Configurable output doubling for additional drive strength requirements (nom. 500 mA)
  • Fully protected
  • 5 V and 3.3 V linear regulators embedded
  • 50 mA DC/DC regulator with configurable frequency and voltage (5 V to 10.5 V)
  • Integrated UART peripheral with M-sequence handling (inc. checksum) for all IO-Link sequences according to specification v1.1
  • Two configurable current mode LED outputs
  • Tiny QFN-20L 4 mm x 4 mm package and wafer level chip scale package (CSP 19, 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm)
  • Industrial sensors and actuators
  • Line drivers up to 150 kHz
  • Factory automation
  • Process control
  • Switch driver of resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads

L6364Q Dual-Channel Transceiver IC

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